Using NacSport with Women’s Football

Video analysis is a key tool in a number of sports. Particularly in team sports, such as football, rugby and hockey, where tactics and positioning are so important. Video analysis has been around for many years and is now used regularly among men’s professional and semi-professional teams. The recent growth in women’s football has allowed more teams to look towards video analysis to provide extra gains which can improve performance.

Games are often filmed and available to watch for all the coaches and players. However, it becomes increasingly useful when the game is coded by an analyst, providing key performance indicators (KPI) from the game such as passes made or shots on target. These can be used to assess performance pre, during and post-game. To do this we use Nacsport Software (

Picture 1

Shown above is an image of the code environment Harrison Allen (See Our Team) operates with Durham Women’s Football. The video of the game is imported and by using the coding window seen in the top right the analyst can input codes which describe performance indicators as they happen throughout the game. These can be as basic or as complex as the coach and team demands. Shown above is the team coding window which is used to code basic team stats for both teams such as corners, free kicks and throw ins.

In our partnership with Durham Women’s Football Club, all of their FA Women’s Championship games are filmed and then coded by Harrison using Nacsport. Initially, the game is coded using the team code window to provide the basic game statistics. Then Picture 2more detailed tags are added as shown in the picture to the right. These tags give a much more in depth and player specific view for the coaches and players to analyse. Each player is listed as a category (rectangular boxes) and each KPI is listed as a descriptor (circular boxes). Each time a player is clicked the KPI is selected after to describe the action they have completed in the game.

Once the entire game has been coded using both windows the codes can be viewed in the timeline shown below. This allows the coach, player and analysts to quickly find highlights and key moments from the game.

Picture 3

Nacsport also allows us to view a matrix (see below) showing how many times each player has performed certain actions and their total involvement in the game. This allows player and team performances to be tracked throughout the season.

Picture 4

We use Nacsport in a variety of sports including football, rugby and hockey to enhance team performance. Different code windows can be created to suit teams’ specific needs and help them perform better on the pitch.