Tableau in Cricket

Cricket is very much a number driven sport and therefore lends itself perfectly to data analysis. In-depth data analysis is still in its infancy within county cricket in England. Having seen the impact it has had in other sports such as baseball, football and rugby, we thought it was worth exploring how data analysis can help cricket clubs develop a well informed decision making process.

Since 2017 we have been using Tableau to develop the level of data analysis in county cricket. Tableau is a leading business intelligence software used by many large corporations all around world in the fields of banking, aviation, retail and healthcare. For a list of featured Tableau users click here:

The main reason for using Tableau was to be able to visualise data more clearly and efficiently, so that coaches and players are able to better understand the data being presented. Tableau has enabled us to achieve this and has been well received by our clients. How many times do questions get sent to analyst, it then takes a while to respond and the train of thought has moved on or there are other focuses? With Tableau, it is possible to keep conversations moving forward and produce actionable insights for the organisation.

Picture 1

The above visualisation shows batting performance in two dimensions, how many runs a player scores on average (Batting Average = Runs/no. of innings) and how fast they score the runs (Batting Strike rate = (runs/balls)*100). This data currently shows the results for batsmen in the top 8 positions for 2018 and 2019, who have played more than 5 or more innings. This picture could easily change a click of button by selecting any different option from the filters on the right. More filters can be added!

Picture 2

Similarly, these batting and bowling dashboard’s give an overview of players across several different metrics we’ve identified. On the batting dashboard above, you can click on the team icon and compare how the individuals have performed for their different clubs, as well as different season and if they were playing home or away.

Picture 3

We have developed workbooks containing data from all English domestic cricket, overseas T20 leagues and the new T10 league. All of which have several different visualisations and dashboards to highlight individual or team batting/bowling performance across several seasons.

The ability to manipulate data and answer questions forms the basis of our cricket consultancy. More information about this can be found here: Consultancy Services