GoPro Movie Project

In November we were all provided with a GoPro and tasked to go out and create a movie clip over the month. We all came up with our own unique ideas for our videos and went about collecting footage and writing scripts. We used FinalCut Pro to edit and compile our videos as well as to add transitions and text.

Here are our videos with a short description:

Tom – My video is about a “typical BUCS Wednesday” while working here at Performance Advantage Ltd. I gave it a comic book theme and put famous film and TV music over the top of the clips which show the variety of work we do here in just one day! I really enjoyed the process of filming and editing the video in FinalCut Pro and I am happy with the finished product. Hope you enjoy!

Luke – The inspiration for my video first came from a common interest within our office team of the much-loved TV program Brooklyn 99. We often compare ourselves to characters within the program, i.e. James our manager as “The Sarge”, and the three placement students as the detective subordinates (Peralta, Santiago, and Boyle). This combined with my current assigned project of creating a coding and analysis program for Badminton Scotland, led to me presenting it in the video form as a case given to me to solve by James (with some expert acting and filming skills demonstrated). Taking it through part by part, from the initial coding on NacSport to editing the Excel and Tableau data sheets, before finishing/solving the case by creating a complete and comprehensive dashboard of key performance data in Tableau.

Laura – My video shows some of the beauty of the North East as I saw on day trips around Newcastle and to Beamish Museum, along with some of the impressive grounds we work at. I feel very lucky to do a job which allows me to be outdoors and not cooped up in an office all week like other placements. The rapid transitions between clips represent the ever-changing nature of the work and how different every day is. The clips showcase some of the BUCS Super Rugby we filmed for Team Durham which we later coded and analysed.

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