A Tale of Two Jamie’s

With Sam, a southerner from Southfields, and myself, a Midlander from Uppingham, moving North was always going to be an adventure. It was a pleasant surprise when the first week of living in our new house, 80A Brewhouse, was sunny and relatively warm for late September. The house is a real mixture of nationalities with Americans, Latvians, Serbians and Germans joining us. Each house member is a sport scholar introducing us to multiple sports including Judo, Lacrosse, and Fencing to name a few.

After an eventful first week, work started on Friday 29th watching the documentary of Jon Muir’s expedition across Australia from Port Augusta to Burketown. This has become a yearly tradition for placement students with Phil trying to get over the point of being a problem solver, not a problem maker (Phil’s favourite quote) to Sam and I.

The following day, on a rare sunny Saturday, we ventured to Maiden Castle, Durham University’s main sports hub which is currently enjoying a £28m makeover, where we covered our first hockey game with DUWHC beating Ben Rhydding in a 1-0 thriller.

Later that same day we took a short trip to the Northern Echo Arena to film and code the Darlington Mowden Park Sharks fixture vs Wasps in the new Tyrrell’s Premier 15s. Originally understudying James, Sam is now starting to lead the filming and individual coding of their games having ventured to their far corners of the country. It’s become very clear very quickly this will be a busy year.

Sam working at his 1st DMP Sharks game

That said, our first BUCS Wednesday was a quiet one with only one rugby game, but it was a big one as Team Bath made the trip to Durham City Rugby Club to play DURFC. We spent the morning setting up two cameras, one for a side view and one for a behind view with these feeds being streamed back into the Mobile Analysis Studio (also known as “The Burger Van”). By the time kick off came round there was a fantastic atmosphere with music playing and over 1000 students lending their support for the home side. Sadly for us, Team Bath went down 31-0 but on the upside one of the Durham tries did allow us to demonstrate some of the things we have learned in our first week. Although Durham’s results themselves have not been as successful as we would have hoped for, the standard of rugby that we have been analysing has surpassed our expectations during our first term of work.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 13.58.01
A Try Highlighted by Jamie using Nacsport and Klipdraw

(See the Video)

With Christmas fast approaching, both Sam and I can reflect on a significant amount of lessons that we have learned over the course of our first two months, for example, when a problem arises in this form of work, a problem-solving mind set and thinking on your feet gives you a big head start.

Looking forward, we’re excited to continue working with some great coaches and support staff and by the looks of things there is still a lot of software, equipment and tools for us to master. A good example is Tableau software, which we are looking forward to getting stuck into post-christmas as we start to gear up for the start of the cricket season.


Jamie and Jamie… I mean Sam (Check our profiles)

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