Settling In

Since me and Bertie last left you, our first month up North has been full of new, exciting and challenging experiences all of which will stand us in good stead for the rest of our placement year. We are still watching and learning about the copious amounts of American football on TV and we think we are well on the way to becoming American football experts thanks to the help of our housemates. Chuck a couple of rounds of golf into the mix and a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam for one of us, its fair to say that we are loving life the in the North East.

Our everyday walk to work along the River Wear

On the placement side of things we have been introduced to a couple new sports (Water Polo and Lacrosse) whilst continuing to work with a number of the Team Durham sports clubs. We have also started work with a handful of academy players at Durham County Cricket club on their apprenticeship scheme. We have just delivered our first session this week and it is a program that all three of us are looking forward to working on, whilst equipping the academy players with the skills to be successful in the world of cricket. 

On the BUCS Wednesday side of things we have been introduced to a couple of new sports. It gave myself the opportunity to film and code a game of women’s Lacrosse and it gave Bertie the chance to film and code some women’s Water Polo. The range of sports that we get to experience on the placement allows us to further our knowledge of sports that in the past we wouldn’t have thought to watch or even play. Whilst these new sports have been introduced to us we have still been working on sports such as Hockey, Rugby and Football and we have even tried to take our match day analysis to the next level by introducing live delays and live reviews with the Hockey and Rugby. Whilst this has provided many challenges, it has opened mine and Bertie’s eyes up to the different ways in which sport analysis can help coaches during live play.

Our setup for a game of hockey using the dome camera

Whilst using the Live Delay and Streaming, we have become aware of the logistical considerations which need to be made. This has highlighted the need for us as “analysts” to become problem solvers and not just problem identifiers which will help us throughout the duration of our placement year.

Rugby setup, Using the Nacsport live review provided by Analysis Pro ltd.

The biggest development in the last few weeks has been the introduction to the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE). Myself, Bertie and Phil have commenced work with 5 academy players at Durham County Cricket club on an apprenticeship scheme that allows the participants to gain the relevant skills to be successful on and off the pitch as professional cricket players. This involves us working alongside members from Durham County Cricket club and the ECB to deliver this programme. The Apprenticeship requires the students to complete 18 units by the end of the year and it requires them to give evidence on what they have learnt in order to complete the apprenticeship. Each week myself, Bertie and Phil will be required to deliver a different session to the 5 candidates that will equip them with the skills to go away and complete their own work on that specific subject, it will then be down to the participants to upload their work the Team Performance Analyser (TPA) and Team Performance Exchange (TPE) to show evidence that they have understood the task that we have set them. By the end of the year, if the apprenticeship has been successful, the 5 participants should be equipped with the skills to be successful on and off the field as a professional cricketer or in other areas of the working world.

It is clear to see that their has been high levels of development over the last few weeks and myself and Bertie are very much looking forward to what lies ahead throughout the coming months.

You can see the video of what we have been up to over the last few weeks here: 


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