Cricket Fielding Drill

Hello again:

I’ve been here at Performance Advantage for almost 5 months now and I’m still greatly
enjoying my experiences, working on new projects — come snow, rain or shine.

One project that I would like to share with you all is our Cricket Fielding Drill:

Before Christmas we went through the process of designing a drill based around fielding successfully, quickly and accurately.

In this simple exercise, a bowling machine rolls balls out for players to field from three different positions with an aim to hit the stumps and in a game situation, effect a run out.

Fielding Drill Set Up

After running some trials and fine-tuning things, we have recently run it for real with the Durham CCC and Yorkshire CCC Academies and the Durham MCCU. First to participate, before Xmas, were the Durham Academy. We took video clips of the group from three different angles to provide a technical insight for both players and coaches. This also allowed us to look at the component parts of the drill in more detail and to benchmark aspects of individual and group performance.

As a follow-up to the drill, we have analysed performance using the Dartfish Tagging module (part of the Dartfish TeamPro software) which has allowed us to consider factors such as; speed to the ball, type and accuracy of pick up, speed of release, and, of course, accuracy of throw.

Yorks Academy Fielding

From the tagged events, we have been able to evaluate group and individual performance. Putting these, from both the group and the individuals, into a Keynote presentation ready to feedback to the players and the coaches at the Academy.

Accuracy Screen Shot

(Note – red text or numbers reflect the individuals second attempt which came 3 weeks after their first)

One very visual way to present the information (which the players loved) was the ‘beehive’ style graphic collectively showing each of their completed efforts.

Matthew Fisher Screen Shot

A bespoke video of each players attempts was also collated aiding one-to-one reviews with the coaches.

Evidence thus far suggests that this drill has resulted in considerable improvement, albeit that we are only part way through the process and that ultimately we want to influence performance outdoors not simply in a controlled indoor environment. Future plans will hopefully see us work with both Yorkshire CCC and Durham CCC professional squads as they sharpen their skills towards the start of the season.

From my point of view, this has been a really interesting project to have been involved in from the very early planning to the delivery stage. I’ve also learnt a key lesson – that a simple intervention can lead to a big impact!

Hopefully another up-date from me as we move further into the cricket season and some warmer weather!!! Ellie

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